Bodint Crypto Currency Trading System

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CryptoCurrency Trading system – Bodint. Support 55+ Altcoin, Easy to Buy and Sell Altcoin via Bodint. Fully Automated, Secure, Instant Buy and Deposite Facility. Easy to Trade on Altcoin, Auto Update Altcoin Price, Support 8 Automated Payment Method. Do you want to start your own Altcoin Live Trading Platform ? Then Dont be late, start now with Bodint…..

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User Features:

☷ Unique Responsive Onepage Template.
☷ Secure Login & Registration.
☷ Unique User Dashboard.
☷ Auto-Update CryptoCurrency Price.
☷ Live Trade View.
☷ 55+ Altcoin Support.
☷ Easy to Trade on 55+ Currency.
☷ Easy to Buy Altcoin.
☷ Instant Sell Facility.
☷ Transection Logs.
☷ Bitcoin Deposite.
☷ Withdraw Management.
☷ Reference Management.
☷ Refer Logs.
☷ DOCUMENT Verification.
☷ 2FA Security.

Admin Features:

☷ 100% Secure Admin Panel.
☷ User Statistics.
☷ Coin Wallet Statistics.
☷ Users Management.
☷ Users Transactions.
☷ Users Documents Management.
☷ Broadcast Email Management.
☷ Banned Users Management.
☷ Deposit Log.
☷ Payment Gateway Management.
☷ Withdraw Requests Management.
☷ Withdraw Log Management.
☷ General Settings Management.
☷ Logo and Icon Management.
☷ Email and SMS API Management.
☷ Interface Content Management.
☷ Banner Management.
☷ Services Management.
☷ Testimonial Management.
☷ FAQ Management.

Payment Method Support:

Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 6


Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 7

Perfect Money.

Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 8


Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 9


Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 10


Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 11


Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 12

Coin Payment.

Tradex - CryptoCurrency Trading platform - 13

Block IO.

Script Comes With:

Excellent support with a fast response rate. Fix any bugs or broken content. Help get you setup and installed! Secure Database that uses prepared statements so no SQL Injection! Protects against CSRF attacks! HTML Filter to protect against XSS attacks! Built using the latest Strong LARAVEL Framework. Passwords are encrypted By bcrypt encryption. You should need GMP Extension to run it.

Demo Access:

Admin Access:
Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

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