Peer to Peer donation platform (P2P ponzi script)

Peer to Peer donation script is a platform that gives participants a privilege to enjoy higher standard of living just MMM. Its main goal is to see people free from debts and financial struggles.

below are some of the features of the scripts

User Features (Demo
High-Level Cache System: The #1 thing that must be available on any high traffic website, The Speed ! We Speed up your website with our Cache system
PonziPedia (New Feature): With our new feature, the user can create tickets, messages, comments.
System join: Easy to Registered & Login.
Account recovery: Instant Work Forgot Password & secure password with salt.
Easy & Notification: Support email Notification on all user activities.
Periodic Margin: Fully Automated Matching System.
POF Upload : Payment proof uplaod by all members after payment.
Activation Fees System: New members will pay activations fees for account activation.
Notification System: Display live members activities with our notification system.
User Profit : Easy to Donate Someone and get paid automatically Periodic.
User Dashboard: Informative User Dashboard.
User testimony: Live member testimony with like and dislike system reactions.
Bank System: Auto Generate user Account Number And Balance System
Be Informed: Displays Notice Board to all users
Full Authentication: The script provides the complete functionality for authentication: Log in, Sign up, Email Activation and Password Recover.
Get Support: Fully responsive support system in-built live message and tickets support
Message System: Fully responsive support message system live chatting In-Built
Court Case: Ability to drag member to court if failure to pay or fake POF
Discussion: User can create interact with comments on in-built discussion board.
Fully responsive for all devices, browsers.
Password recovery by email.
Comment auto detector (Moderated)
and much more…

Admin Panel Features:

Login details


Username: admin

Password: admin
Admin Dashboard: Full statics with charts analyzing the site information.
General Settings: Update general settings of website.
Site settings: Update site settings like name,title,keywords.. etc ..
Create Packages: Create packages for user to purchase on the website.
Activation Fees System: You can make profit with activation fees system & its optional can be switch off by you
Support System: Full responsive support system, reply live message or user tickets easily
Manage Users: View, edit, verify, reset password, delete users.
Manage Margin: View, disengage margin easily.
Add/Edit Margin: Add and edit margin on easy way from the admin panel.
Mailing List: With our mailing list system you can send your message to all registered users/subscribers in just one click !
Full Authentication: The script provides the complete functionality for authentication: Log in, Sign up, Email Activation and Password Recover.
Security : The script uses Bcrypt for password hashing, encrypted cookies, XSS and CSRF attack preventions.
Ban user: Ben user ip on very easy way.
reCaptcha: Add, edit your reCaptcha key.
Quick Start + In Depth Documentation: Install and configure the script in matter of minutes or read the in depth documentation to learn more about the script.
and so much more…

PHP 5.5 or Higher.
Exif (optional)
Multibyte String (optional)
Internationalization (optional)